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Social Media Marketing

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Community & Relationships Built Around Your Brand

Connections Deeper Than Your Product

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Social media shouldn't be viewed as just another place to run ads. It's a bridge connecting you with your audience in a way the world has never seen. Through your social media channels, you can create and nurture a community centered around your brand, with a network of advocates invested in you on a level much bigger than the sales they individually generate.


Platform-Specific Strategy

Every platform is powered by a content algorithm with one primary goal: give the people what they want. Deciding what that looks like is based on an algorithm each platform has created to curate and push content based on its impact. We approach every platform with that algorithm at the center, and build a custom content strategy for your brand to thrive.

Connections vs. Sales

Every individual piece of content shared on social media should not have the sole purpose of making a sale. If that is the case, failure will become all too familiar. Instead, we use social media as an opportunity to show your customers that you care about them and the things they care about. If you can get them behind your brand, the sales will come. But it has to begin with creating that connection and building enough common ground in your culture to appeal to them regardless of the product.


Cohesive Scheduling

Social media is a piece of your digital marketing strategy, not the whole thing. What you're doing on Facebook should compliment your efforts on your blog or in your email marketing. Your brand advocates should find value in following you on all your social media platforms. If they're getting the same content across them, then that value is diminished. A unique experience geared toward the specific platform you're using is key to finding success on all of them, and we use that as an integral piece of your content calendar and publishing strategy.

Cross-Channel Growth

Cross-platform integrations has become commonplace across widely-used social media platforms. Promoting a Facebook group on your Twitter feed or website plugin can drive massive growth. This is yet another opportunity to use each platform uniquely and strategically to the benefit of your brand. We are constantly educating and upgrading our knowledge base and familiarity with those platforms to ensure that your digital marketing strategy takes advantage of all of them.

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