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Web Design

Search Marketing and Customer Experience Integration

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There are two crucial decisions a consumer makes when searching for a product or service online: who can I get it from and are they the best choice? These are two huge opportunities to solidify yourself as the answer.
Our web design process is built upon these points. A thorough understanding of search engine algorithms like Google creates a foundation that gets your website discovered and ranking as high as possible in search queries. Once they've landed on your site, they encounter your brand with an experience that looks and feels the same as walking through your door. Getting to pitch is great, but we're focused on sealing the deal.

Our Website Design Process

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Kickoff Meeting

Understanding your business model and goals is crucial to designing a website that is effective for your growth. In designing your web presence, we become an extension of your brand, so a design that is consistent with your existing structure and culture is vital. We'll dive into all of those details here, and necessary functions and deliverables will come into focus.


Concept Outline & Design Foundation

Before we ever dive into backend code or design platforms, we lay out a hard roadmap that we will follow to achieve the goals set out in Phase 1. We'll deliver a sitemap, outlining a proposed structure from a page standpoint, and then a wireframe that will reveal the visual direction we plan to go. Collaboration is key in this phase so that we are pursuing the right goals in our design phase.


Website Design

With our roadmap in place and clear milestones set, we dive into the fun stuff and create a responsive, stunning design that is consistent with the image your brand is built upon. In coupling search marketing fundamentals with user experience, capitalizing on those two key consumer decision points to drive conversions through your web presence.


Draft Submission and Collaborative Edit

As much as we'd love to say we hit the bullseye flawlessly every single time, it's simply not the case. We always expect necessary fine-tuning after your website is initially built, and we welcome open dialogue in working out those issues so that the result that goes live at launch is one that both of us are pleased with.


Continued Monitoring and Modifications

Websites are not finite things. In the world of online marketing, optimal tactics change daily. You business grows and evolves. Search engines give us new tweaks to their algorithm. Because of that, we're a constant partner in your operation, maintaining your site and tweaking as necessary to keep you on top of the competition and delivering the best customer experience around.

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